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Saturday, November 26, 2011

True Words Spoken To Me.....

A little background first. On my drive to and from work I sometimes see an older man on his bicycle with trashbags full of cans. He has a big bushy beard, wears an old hat and coat and is always in the same area. My guess is he is homeless.

I have never interacted with him due to the fact that I am in my truck, driving.
I have seen him off and on during the last few years.

Anyway, today is a beautiful day so I decided to take the motorcycle out for a wash and a ride since it will probably be one of the last few days to enjoy it.

I finished up washing the bike and pulled up to the quick mart across the parking lot. I pulled up into a spot at the end of the row that was right in the sunshine.  I shut off the bike and just sat there enjoying the warmth and day.

Suddenly, the older man pulls up beside me on his bicycle, stops and says,

"Be Careful out there, they are all fucking nuts"

I said, "Ain't that the truth"

and he rode off.  It did leave me with a smile.


  1. I am out there amongst 'em quite often...Yup, truer words were never spoken.

  2. That was nice. Give him a beer the next time you see him.

  3. Smart Man~ Aint that the truth.

    Little story for ya.
    I had a lady to call me a bitch in Starbucks parking lot.As I was leaving I was wondering how the hell does she know that..I don't know her.

    That ESP thing I guess :-)

  4. He meant you.

    I'm sure of that.


  5. @scott.. glad you agree :)
    @Brock.. I will have to find out his story if anyone knows him.
    @stopsign.. hahaha.. you can't be that bad
    @north.. HA thanks!
    @dave.. it was nice. :)

  6. @ stopsign - are you a female? If not, then it WAS pretty heavy ESP vibe mojo stuff.
    As for the old man - sometimes when we need it, a very small nanoparticle of joy may come to us from a totally unexpected direction.
    Of course, afterward, everything sucks again, but for that one moment...


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