Monday, November 21, 2011


Well it appears that last night we had a series of break-ins in the industrial park.

They stole generators from the building at one end of the park, 

an F350 Plow Truck from the other end and various tools and more.

They smashed the widow of the shop next door to ne  and rummaged through cars and trailers

in our parking lot.

They tried to get into my shop van by smashing the door lock. Luckily I don't keep anything in the 


I got back to the shop after shooting yesterday and left around 6:00.  This all happened

after 7:30 last night.

I would have shot those fuckers.


  1. I agree Brock, from what I read and hear.

  2. And I wouldn't blame you if you did! We've had our own problems too, after somebody stole two wheels off my wife's car (!?!) while it was in the front yard, then another asshat broke the glass in the front door, and they must've been 'tards, because it was the side nearest the hinge! the second incident was the only one where the dogs barked at them, shit, even *I* woke up to that sound!

  3. I'm sorry you didn't get to practice on some MOVING targets.

    Everything I have, I EARNED through the investment of my time and effort.

    TIME is the *ONE* thing that can *NEVER* be replaced!

    Ergo, when you steal from me, you have literally robbed me of a portion of my LIFE!

    This is why - when idiots ask "would you shoot someone over STUFF?!" - I respond "No - but I WOULD shoot them over MY LIFE!"

    More importantly, I'm a VERY generous sort. If you NEED something, ASK ME! Odds are I'd GIVE it to you!

    But STEAL it? Better not let me CATCH you!


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