Thursday, November 3, 2011

Smart Phone Technology Messes With ME......

So, I call up the Furious Frenchman at work and get his v-mail. I hung up and figured he
would see the missed call and call me back. About 5 minutes later I get a text message:

In an intercourse.  Call you back

*blink**blink* ... so I start the snoopy dance


figuring he might have a little hot number in his office.... hehehhehe

anyway I text him back "CONGRATU-LAID-TIONS!" at which 

point I get another text that says "wtf.. INTERVIEW, i'm in an inteview"

and so my hopes for my friend were dashed upon the rocks.......


  1. Mary Ann.

    Any time I see a shipwreck I have to answer the Ginger vs. Mary Ann question.

  2. @ North lol.. she was the girl next door and Ginger was tooo much maintenace.. :)

    I'm with you there North

  3. If I had to choose~Mary Ann would be my choice too :)

  4. Yes, but Mary Ann...or Genie??

    I thought so ;)

    And I seriously doubt your friend would have taken time away from ecstasy to let you know he was in the middle of it!

  5. Glad you all enjoyed and it looks like Mary Ann wins as far as boats on rocks.. Now Genie on the other hand.. Babara Eden.. she was hot!


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