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Friday, May 27, 2011

Funny and Unusual 911 calls ...........

May 25, 2011: Belknap County: Person throwing dimes and quarters out the window, damaging another car while dirving on Rt. 11
May 3, 2011: MA State Police: Driver's door keeps falling open on a truck driving on Rt. 3NB near Rt. 129, NH plate reported as "JUNKIT"
April 25, 2011: MA State Police: Man driving at high speeds on I-93 wearing a gas mask.
April 21, 2010: MA State Police: Man walking down street with sign on his back that reads: "I Need Help!"
April 20, 2011: Belknap County Sherriff Dept: Man in Sanbornton cannot get his car in his garage because a moose is in the way.
April 13, 2011: MA State Police: Rabbit hopping northbound on Rt. 3
April 1, 2011: Northwood Fire Department: Cow fell through the ice, people on ice with the cow.
March 31, 2011: Alton Police Department: 2 goats running up Rt. 28 northbound.

March 25, 2011: Gilmanton Fire Department: Fire in a woodstove. Caller called back and cancelled the call.
March 1, 2011: Chichester NH Fire Department: Respond to the Chichester Fire Department for a problem with the fire alarm.
January 27, 2011: NH FD: 3 year old with plastic container stuck on head
January 25, 2011: Person who called 911 was asked to turn on lights for the emergency crews by the 911 operator. Instead of turning on the light switch they pulled the fire alarm.
January 19, 2011: Nottingham NH Fire Dept: 4 year old girl with head stuck in chair.
January 11,2011: Salem NH Fire Dept. Merrimack Saving Bank's sign is on fire.
January 6, 2011: Andover MA Fire Department: 25 year old man with Q-Tip stuck in his ear.
December 16, 2010: NH FD: Car stuck in a carwash.
December 6, 2010: Manchester Fire Department: Person fell out of a vehicle on I-93 SB at the I-293 split in Manchester.
November 9, 2010: Unknown NH PD: A "corporate neighbor" walked in and threw dog feces into woman's office.
November 5, 2010: Rockingham County PD: Woman saw someone looking through her drapes in her 4th floor apartment.
October 21, 2010: Alton NH Fire Department: Swing set on fire on Varney Rd. Barnstead Fire Department was also called to the fire.
October 12, 2010: Unknown NH Fire Department: 2 year old with potty chair stuck on his head.
October 4, 2010: Unknown NH Fire Department: Woman got bleach in her eyes while bleaching her hair.
August 31, 2010: Milton Fire Department: 1 year old girl stuck in a dog dish.
August 24, 2010: Concord Fire Department:: Motorcycle accident with injuries at the motorcycle training course at Concord DMV.
August 2, 2010: Rockingham County PD: Man reporting a sick fox is in his yard. There is also a dead frog.
July 28, 2010: All NH Police Departments: Be on the lookout for a prisoner that was accidentally released from prison in Concord. Last seen borrowing someone's cell phone.
July 16, 2010: Concord Fire Department: Person with hand stuck between the seats inside their car.
June 17, 2010: State Police: Motorcyclists lost prosthetic leg on I-93 SB in Manchester. State Police recovered the leg still in a boot off the side of the highway.
June 15, 2010: New Durham Fire Department: Golf cart rollover at Lake Winnipesaukee Golf Course in New Durham.
June 14, 2010: New Durham Fire Department: Golf cart rollover at Lake Winnipesaukee Golf Course in New Durham (yes it happened 2 days in a row).
June 9, 2010: Strafford County area FD: Person run over by a wood buggy
June 1, 2010: Exeter PD: Man walking down Pine Rd with charcoal lighter fluid, spraying a stream of it on the road.
May 26, 2010: Portsmouth PD: Check the wellbeing of a man with wooden stick investigating the underworld.
May 7, 2010: Farmington Police: Man urinating on Rt. 11 in the middle of the highway, appears to be intoxicated.
May 7, 2010: Strafford County Police: Characters on woman's computer are threatening her.
May 4, 2010: Londonderry Fire Department: Loose goat on I-93 SB near exit 4 in Londonderry.
April 20, 2010: Ossipee NH Fire & EMS: Turkey went through windshield and struck driver's face on Rt. 16 in Ossipee
April 20, 2010: Lee NH Fire Department: Male having personality change, wife hiding in closet.
March 29, 2010: NH Fire Department: 10 year old girl has arm stuck in a vending machine.
March 26, 2008: NH State Police Troop F: Shots fired at an excavator in Lincoln, NH
March 17, 2010: Unknown NH PD: Man came home from work and choked the Kirby Vacuum salesman.
March 11,2010: Belknap County PD: Woman came home from work and found a clothes dryer in her front yard.
March 10, 2010: Unknown NH FD: Woman can't get washing machine to stop.
March 8, 2010: Unknown Department: Woman in a car was charged by a moose near the Auburn NH exit.
March 4, 2010: Deerfield Fire Department: Man stepped on a toothpick. Toothpick went all the way through his foot.
March 1, 2010: Kingston NH Fire Department: Couch on fire on the side of the road.
February 22, 2010: Belknap County Sheriffs Department: While a NH real estate agent was taking photos of a home, the homeowner stuck a shotgun out the window and told the real estate agent "You'd better be running."
February 15, 2010: Danbury NH Fire Department: Man locked in gun safe.
February 12, 2010: Manchester Police Department: Man walking on I-93 near exit 9N drinking from a 12 pack.
February 10, 2010: Woodsville NH Police Department: 2 year old boy with foot stuck in toy.
February 9, 2010: NH State Police: Woman called 911 because she is hearing voices telling her to call 911.
January 4, 2010: Unknown NH Fire Department: Man that was helping a child with a finger laceration passed out and struck his head on the microwave.
December 29, 2009: Bow Fire Department: Person locked in attic
December 22, 2009: Laconia Police Department: Stewart's Ambulance Services reported their ambulance was stolen from Lakes Region General Hospital at the ER entrance area.
December 9, 2009: Belknap County Sheriffs:  Dog urinated on neighbor's porch, neighbor is yelling obscenities at dog owner.
October 30, 2009: Salem Fire Department: Woman fainted at Halloween Happenings haunted house
October 7, 2009: Windham Fire Department: Child needs to be extricated from a recliner.
September 29, 2009: Unknown NH Police Department: Two stray goats in caller's front yard that appear to be aggressive as the goats are butting heads.
September 21, 2009: Laconia NH Fire Department: Sick person at McDonald's in the drive through line.
August 31, 2009: Salem NH Police Department: Rite Aid's automated prescription system called 911 to let them know their prescriptions were ready for pick up.
August 26, 2009: Londonderry Animal Control: Dead Beaver on Rt. 28 in front of the "Welcome to Londonderry" sign.
August 19, 2009: New Ipswich NH Fire Department: Man in wheelchair rolled downhill and hit a wall.
July 31, 2009: Bedford NH Fire Department: Man stuck in a closet.
July 24, 2009: Pembroke NH Fire Department: Person trapped in the garage between the floor and the roof. (?)
June 22, 2009: Concord NH Police Department: Locate man who left ER with IV still attached.
June 5, 2009: Candia NH Fire Department: Man bitten by monkey, serious bleeding, monkey has been secured.
June 2, 2009: Bedford NH Police Department: Home owner threatened to kill meter reader.
June 1, 2009: Manchester NH Animal Control: Remove half of a live possum from roadway.
May 20, 2009: FD: Man about to fall off toilet.
May 8, 2009: Manchester NH Fire Department dispatched to grocery store: woman struck by grocery cart, knocked woman over.
April 29, 2009 - FD: Rt. 125 in front of "Toss and Sauce" for an unknown spill of green fluid.
April 27, 2009 - FD: Toilet seat stuck on child's head.
March 10, 2009 - FD: Hospital calls Fire Department to ask them to remove limbs from property. When the Fire Department questions the call thinking they were picking up tree limbs, the hospital responded by telling the Fire Department that they had a patient who lost their fingers on the property and the property owner refuses to leave the house until the fingers are picked up.

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  1. Um... "November 5, 2010: Rockingham County PD: Woman saw someone looking through her drapes in her 4th floor apartment." Bet THAT one got a 'say again' :-) And it IS amazing some of the calls that come into dispatch...


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