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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

of Shin Splints and Therapy

So , the weather has gotten better around these parts and I have taken up my morning workout walk. I haven't been out since December and I have started to enjoy the crisp spring mornings and a nice brisk 45 minute walk. Things were going good and I was increasing my pace and added hills to increase my heartrate.

Daylight savings added an hour of light after work, so I started going out before dinner. This was nice and some of the sunsets were spectacular. I am trying to burn off some winter fat ( maybe 20  or so years worth ) so I've been fairly diligent with my work outs. My cardio is getting better and I have been increasing my stamina ,so when I go on my night walk I add a backpack with 25 lbs in it ( I'm also down about 14 lbs).

Last week my lower right leg started hurting. I took it easy but kept up my workouts. Its a dull pain right above the ankle that extends up the front of my shin. Anyway.. its gotten worse, to the point were its acheing at night. I took off this morning and this evening to allow it to heal and expect to give it a few more days.

I get grumpy when I'm not walking so tonight I think I need a little therapy to ease the pain;



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