Saturday, April 27, 2013

Memories of My Youth.....

One of my neighbors here at the industrial park had a buddy pull up with a 1972 Vega customized with a Chevy 454 motor.

Needless to say THIS caught my eye:


  1. Where is the torn matchbook cover to keep the Freddy Fender tape in?

  2. 8 Track Player, I've a couple of them stored with a box of 8 track tapes. They still work, tapes too.
    Papa Mike

  3. We had a '74 Vega in Michigan. Famous for rusting through in a year because of the road salt. My dad eventually gave it to my sister in Missouri. She drove it, until one day... it broke in half/collapsed while going down the street. That is one car you just don't run into very often anymore.

  4. I need to get one of those and a bunch of tapes. :) Just to be contrary and to mess with my kids.

  5. Almost every Vega I ever saw was up on blocks.

  6. I remember my first 8 track, Black Sabbath, Paranoid ...........That was a long time ago.............;)


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