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Thursday, May 6, 2021

Someone MAY Get A Special Package From China On May 9th.....


 Here is a LINK to the U.S. military designated the object 2021-035B that is estimated

 to re-enter on May 9.  For the enthusiasts click on the HOME link to see tracking of a lot of satellites.


Scroll down a bit on the page and there is a link to the 3D map 




 Click there is you will get this page:

Keep your eyes to the skies.....


  1. This is one of those things that's insanely improbable. It's going to come down somewhere, but the surface area of the Earth is so big and the sizes involved are so small in comparison that the odds of being affected make the odds of winning the Lotto seem like an absolute guarantee. It will be a bad day if it hits you, but the numbers are shocking.

    The surface area of the Earth is 196.9 million square miles, but over 70% of that is oceans, lakes, and other water that we probably don't worry about it hitting, so the land area is 57.51 million square miles. That's 1,603 trillion square feet. Finally a number that makes the Federal Budget and National Debt look small!

    You could fit the population of the world, with everyone in a Houston-style suburban house on a good-sized lot, and not take up the surface area of the United States, let alone the surface area of North America. How many times have you driven across miles of forest or the desert SW US and hardly seen anyone?

    1. I keep wondering when the word "quadrillion" will creep into the language. Or has President Asterisk forbidden its use? It shouldn't be too long given how much near worthless money the Fed keeps cranking out.

  2. Irish. Play the link and look at CZ locations during this timeline. Specifically at the 8May1:00-7:38 marks. In less I'm mistaken, the only major land mass that it passes over is the US (4x over major pop). Also again at the tail end of the route. Hmmmmm.


  3. I remember when SkyLab was going to come crashing to Earth.....the media whores made a big todo about that nonevent also.

  4. It would be just my luck to have that thing land in my back yard. Just what I need,more cheap Chinesium junk to play with.

  5. Likely it is going to be many pieces of various sizes over 100 square mile impact zone. Hope it is ocean or if it has to be land, Sacramento or DC but I would not shed a tear if it was Moscow or Beijing (that last would be supreme schadenfreude).

  6. Seems that it would make for some great military target practice.

  7. I understand it is wearing a face mask so we should all feel safe now.


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