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Wednesday, March 10, 2021

0% drugs 0% nudity 0% swearing 0% alcohol 100% Vibe *



* one of the comments over at youttub




  1. Damn cat has more rhythm than I do.

  2. I’ve got one round left. Certainly not gonna waste it on the cat but instead on the annoying haji.

  3. You don't like hajis, I get it, but if more of the hajis were like this man, having some fun and enjoying life, then maybe they wouldn't have time to IED us and we wouldn't dronestrike them. Just sayin'.
    Not a hippie,
    USMC retired

  4. Don't know where I heard it, but allegedly this man is both blind and autistic. He is quite a good percussionist.

    1. can detect the autism in the last movement.

  5. Bilal Goregen is not a haji. He is a talented, blind from birth, Turkish musician who enjoys playing music from around the world. He has played the famous Turkish venues in Istanbul, but he gets his kicks from playing on the street, for no reason other than a desire for his music to bring joy to those passing by.

    As a blind Turk he has limited knowledge of the world, other than through music, but he generally has a very pro-Western attitude. This particular music is a famous Finnish folk song from the 1800's, about a young woman who dances the polka all night long, but he also plays some modern Western music. He can't view the internet visually but he "reads" the comments on his videos, and he has expressed great joy that people in Western countries find happiness in watching the "cat" video, which he has never seen but was described to him, even though he admits that he doesn't understand the reason why it has garnered over 40 million views.

    Well, neither do I, but I still watched it a couple of times. Heh.

    So much for hating on the "haji". I don't like moslems either, but the problem is the evil ideology, rather than the individual people. Birth is a lottery, and you don't get to choose the family you're born into. Any of you mofos actually believe that you somehow "deserved" by be born Americans, or any other sort of Westerners? Bullshit, it's the luck of the draw.

    Hatred is basically a stupid emotion, since there's no intelligence involved in it, no matter how much you fool yourself into making excuses for it. And hatred based on categories is the stupidest kind of hatred of all, since it depends merely on reaction and doesn't involve thought. It's just a snarling animal, seeing nothing beyond the fact that THAT ONE isn't a member of their pack. Kind of like seeing a secular Turk who normally dresses in Western style clothes but who puts on traditional Turkish dress for a street performance, and then gets mislabeled a haji.

    Anyway, although I don't much care for practicing moslems I do have a favorite group of people of muslim descent, which is the apostates. They lost the lottery but then overcame the accident of their birth, and they chose to turn away from evil, despite the great personal risk. I think we should embrace those who actively renounce evil, no matter how we might feel about some of their cultural habits.

    As for those of you who actually think that was a cat, rather than a meme, bless your hearts, well maybe y'all should rethink spending your time on the internet...

  6. "0% drugs 0% nudity 0% swearing 0% alcohol"

    Then what fukkin' good is it?


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