Wednesday, November 4, 2020


 I threw a few Miller High Life beers into the cooler this evening and took a "sunset cruise".  It was in the in the thirties this morning, but warmed up nicely this afternoon into the seventies. I figure there is a strong possibility that things may get very warm in the coming days.


  1. Warm, indeed. Especially for a lot of Democrat governors.

    You get the impression he's out for blood.

  2. Indian Summer is always appreciated. Life is good, enjoy yourself!

    1. It has been an Indian Summer here for sure. It was 49F this morning with highs to be in the mid to upper seventies for the next five days.
      Regarding Falstaff, it could be found in grocery stores that sold beer in the mid 80's through the early nineties after Decatur voted to go "wet". I haven't seen any in quite some time now.

  3. Almost makes me want to go look for some Falstaff.

  4. Falstaff, haven't heard of that in ages.

  5. Still 90° in SoCal today but on Saturday the natives will be breaking out the mink stole’s earmuffs scarfes and gloves because the high temperature is supposed to be only 56°

  6. Things already are impossibly wrong.

    Cheating on a presidential election is about as bad as it gets.


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