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Sunday, March 8, 2020

"As they say in the 2015 paper, they created a “hybrid virus” which is far more deadly"

 The link to the post below by capitalisteric was sent in by reader Mike.

Note: these links about the corona virus are for those that chose to read them and chose to add anything by commenting. I only post them so the information can be shared to our readers. I have no idea what's coming other than I do have a strong feeling that our economy is gonna take a big hit. 

There are a lot of ideas of the Who What When Where Why and How. Which one will be the truth? Will we ever know? Most likely not.

  Is this virus "just another flu"? or is it something out of Stephen King's "The Stand". 

Obviously we have to get through the next few months or so to see what transpires.

So I will add this disclaimer:

The below is for your reading entertainment. I'm not a virologist but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express once in my life.

No Warranty implied or otherwise noted. 
You must be this tall to ride
No unaccompanied minors
Keep your finger off the trigger...................


Capitalist Eric

Truth is treason in an empire of lies.

Coronavirus- Blunt Truth

The coronavirus (Covid-19, or whatever else you want to call it) represents a fundamental change in the way our current society operates.  For this essay, I’m ONLY talking about the virus itself.  I’ll follow up in the next day or two on economic impacts of it.

But let’s start off with the virus, establish the history, where it really came from, WHY, and what to do about it…  then we can get on to what happens after.

First of all, contrary to MSM stories saying it was due to people eating Bat-soup, transferred from Sloths or whatever fictional bullshit they think people would be stupid enough to believe, the virus is NOT a naturally-occurring phenomenon.  It was intentionally engineered by China.  I will say that this is not speculation, not a conspiracy-theory, but a fact documented by plenty of public-domain documentation, by the people that did it.

But first, the obvious question:  Why would anyone be so stupid as to build something like this?  The answer is quite simple: In a secret speech given to high-level Communist Party cadres nearly two decades ago, Chinese Defense Minister Gen. Chi Haotian explained a long-range plan for ensuring a Chinese national renaissance using biological weapons.  The idea was to develop and deploy bio-weapons to destroy the USA, so they could literally walk in and colonize it for themselves, leaving the contaminated, destroyed land they now live on.

I strongly suggest you read the entire article for yourself; it’s quite the eye-opener.

GO READ THE REST and follow the links <<


  1. Well, you were right, the economy just shit the bed.


  2. This is extremely similar to articles at Zerohedge several weeks ago.

    Let me add a few footnotes.

    1) the Wuhan viral center almost instantly identified the virus and it's genome. Pretty amazing, as they built the damn thing. One of the researchers there immediately started treating himself with the cocktail of AIDS drugs, which act on that spike protein furin-cleavage thing. Did he recover? I have no idea. Another Chinese viral research center also quickly identified the virus/genome and released that info to the scientific world (without permission). Big brother shut the whole place down the next day.

    2)Early on, a researcher in India looked at it, saw the HIV quadruple mutation, and wrote that this was almost certainly an engineered thing. He was so beaten up by the science community (how dare he publish without peer review!!) that he withdrew his assertion. His main critic was Shi Zhengli. Shi claims that this mutation does occur in the wild in some horseshoe bats, and cited one group (either bats or viruses) that nobody had ever heard of before. Makes you wonder, don't it? Infecting and releasing a group of bats that can carry this thing with no ill effects to them gives you a perfect natural storage system in plain sight. No evidence in the lab, and you can claim it's "natural".

    3) Political correctness and Progressivism are the main factors behind the spread, along with our One World dependence on Asia to manufacture everything for everyone. Demands for open borders, the whole One World concept of the EU, etc. Notice how the Arab world is getting this disease faster and worse than anywhere else, and now Turkey is dumping illegals all over historic enemy Greece. Watch the virus numbers in Greece shoot through the roof in a month. Jihad can recognize a weapon when you put it in their hands.

    4) Be glad someone pulled the trigger early and released this thing before it was fully lethalized. Just think; given another 6-12 months they could have grafted Ebola, Hantavirus, or MERSA onto it, taking the virulence up orders of magnitude. Another year and they could have created ethno-specific variants. Targeted genocide.

    Selenium and vitamin C. And stop smoking. Stock up on food now, and shut yourself away for a month or more when the virus comes to the area two areas out from your area.

  3. This virus is NOWHERE NEAR the 'disease' from the book The Stand. If it was half of humanity would be dead already. And it's not quite like Influenza....but it's close. For the vast majority of people from a medical
    point of view this disease will be an annoyance, a debilitating unpleasant annoyance but one they will survive.
    There is a small percentage of society who are in serious danger from this virus. Mostly the elderly, the immunocompromised and those with other significant health issues. For them this could be Fourth Horseman...
    The REALLY big danger is not from the disease itself. It's from the actions and reactions that society takes
    due to PERCEPTIONS about this illness. We are seeing it with the PANIC buying of toilet paper.....a TOTALLY
    irrational response to a RESPIRATORY illness. We MAY see some of the actions being taken by politicians and power mongers in the shadows in response to the FEAR their media whores are shilling because fear lets them do things they could never get away with otherwise. As Obama henchman Rahm Emanuel stated more than a decade ago...
    "never let a crisis go to waste".
    Finally there are a few ugly ugly facts. There is something like 350 million people in America, give or take a bit. There are at best estimate about a Million hospital beds. At any one time at least HALF often more of these beds are occupied for various reasons. That means that on a GOOD day there are half a million available beds for people who are stricken with severe respiratory illness. And if only ONE PERCENT of America is highly susceptible to this virus (odds are that percentage will be higher) that means we will have some 3.5 MILLION sick people vying for HALF a million beds. And it gets worse from there. So while the virus itself CANNOT destroy humanity OUR REACTIONS to it most certainly could.


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