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Friday, November 1, 2019

Just Ponder The Amount Of Effort To Do This.....

"Manual Labor" wasn't an illegal immigrant back in the day....


  1. I do not say this often....but I am impressed. Those men and that saw and that tree? The very definition of "Men" right there.

  2. notice what they are making from the log, right there on site. split redwood shingles. that is what the cross stacked units next to the log are. much more manageable to move. stack them in a wagon and haul them away. todays value for a log that size is most likely over $1,000,000

    1. I seriously doubt you will find a tree that large anymore.

  3. Today, expensive handmade guitars are made from redwood logs that sank when the handlers were trying to float them down to the sawmill to make lumber. It's called sinker redwood. These guys are the big name in acoustic guitars, but note they say "built to order":

    Are redwoods even legal to harvest anymore? With no disrespect to you, artbyjoe, a $million for a log that size seems like it would be low. It would be the only one like it in the world.

  4. I'm imagining a Sally Struthers commercial about these poor people and their desperate for dynamite.

  5. My uncle, Grady Coffman, was "topper" for Weyerhaeuser in Northern California many years ago but never worked redwoods...... When I was kid, he was one of my heroes............

  6. What is the woman doing there?

    Oh, right. A job like that deserves a reward.


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