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Monday, October 28, 2019

Bread and Circus...


  1. Prescient, even way back then.


  2. He who forgets history is bound to repeat it.....

  3. "On any given day, most Americans know more about their favorite sports teams, than they know about what their own Government is doing to them. Every year the government collects a buttload of different taxes on just these bread and circus events. When the SHTF, the loss of these B&C entertainments alone will be cause for alarm, and the sleeping masses will awaken to the horrors all around, and realize that they have overslept." Anonymous

    OR perhaps, they will finally get up off the couch, sofa, or lazy boy, and go kick some ANTIFA AZZ for entertainment instead of watching the Wide World of Sports Soap OPERA.

  4. If we do not correct the course the USA is headed in, we will become Rome....


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