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Friday, September 13, 2019


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  1. Hi Irish,
    I know, it's just a picture, but it's my,"Angel Food McSpade" You will have to scour The "ZAP" '60's Cartoonist "Rob Crumb" for this "Character!! But, "MY" Angel Food showed up at my Apartment door on Christmas Eve of 1994!! "MEOW,I'm Here!!" She wasn't taking NO for an answer!! I made her stay out that night thinking she may be a neighbors cat!! The next day she was still there so I invited her in... She was was with me for over 19 years before her kidneys gave out... If'n ya' got a couple of cases of whiskey, I can tell ya' some stories about that cat!!
    I sadly miss her so much...

    PS My old buddy Tim Ryan, who was in the duplex across the court from mine said,"The 'Cat Underground' has you pegged, they told her , go over to his pad and meow up a storm... he's a sucker!!!" Tim was right!!


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