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Monday, July 1, 2019

Pssst! Want To See Some Old Tool Manufacturer's Catalogs?

  I found this link over on Ace's.  Check out the International Tool Catalog Library.

Click the link and you can scroll through all the old skool tool catalogs from the past.

Go enjoy hours of lost time..... HERE<<<<<<

" Tool guys take heed, it's hours of time lost if you dare enter"...Hank Curmudgeon

Here's a screen shot of the main page for example.....


  1. I bet that Phil probably has half of these, and is busy downloading the rest.

  2. Tool porn! Man, these could waste a whole bunch of time. But, be worth it!

  3. Nice to see my name get dragged through the mud over here as well! :) That site is even more fun than getting lost in a hard copy McMaster-Carr catalog when the boss was thinking you were looking for parts for the line that was down and not some stainless steel 1/4"-20 bolts to upgrade your home bbq.

  4. Thanks a lot! Say goodbye to 2019.

  5. Groan..... yet another rabbit hole to fall into......


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