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Saturday, July 13, 2019

Liberal Logic

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  1. Actually. The trailer is a mobile battery bank, not a genset.

  2. Reckon how much coal was burned to generate the electricity that charged it? LOL

  3. stupid is a Prius with a trailer hitch.
    stupid is a Prius with a generator in the rear cargo area.
    stupid is forgetting how much resources were consumed to build the battery bank and all the pollution that industrial activity generated, all the power it consumed to refine the ores and transport it, and all the GLOBAL WARMING THAT ALL CAUSED! because my ice cream cone is menting!

  4. Electric cars really aren't viable at this point to replace gas/diesel. They may be good for city dwellers not planning on leaving the city if the car can go like 200-300 miles on a charge.Their ranges are far too short and they take way way too long to charge.


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