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Sunday, June 16, 2019

"Grandpa, How did the robot wars start?"


  1. That was hilarious!
    But chilling. If our Republic stands, this is not too far into the future.

  2. It's fake. In the scene where the bottle is broken a piece of glass disappears and then reappears where the "robot" steps.

    1. Yes, the makers of the video even made another video explaining how they used a 'green screen' and human actor to model the 'robot' which was a computer generate animation.

  3. LOL even if the concept of robotics coupled with flawless AI ever comes to fruition this THING will never survive in an urban environment. Are you serious? Ok I'll give you the defusing and retrieval of things that are known to be unstable. But more than that, forget it! The only thing these robo cops will exceed at is not catching ebola and therefore no need for the immense care they will need.HMMMM ebola. Well you never know they might be used to fight the spread of ebola, in their own programed way.Soooo, send them to the border. Programmed to deal with any non whites coming across. Govt can always claim a programming error. If something goes awry.


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