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Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Just imagine if even one in five gun owners in Venezuela had resisted the ban.


MSNBC gives a quick 1.5 minute history lesson on why the 2nd Amendment is important. No, this isn't a typo. Even a blind hog can find an acorn every now and again. More HERE.


  1. And wordpress just took down Dirt People.......

    1. Hi "Any Mouse!!"
      "10-4!!" Whatdidyaxpect??? Before too long the only way we will be able to communicate with each other is by "Smoke Signals!!!' also "face to face.." go figure!!
      Just reading "Dirt People" lately he was gettin' "Real Deep!!" The Left can't have that!!
      You know the drill....
      Audentes, Fortuna, Ivat,

  2. You can always count on the left to step on their collective dicks and then shoot themselves in the foot... That's why they WILL lose in the coming festivities. I sincerely hope we don't forget the role our media and our higher "educators"/indoctrinators played in it... I mean they've worked damn hard, it's only fair we give them they attention they're due.

  3. I feel it is only fair to warn those who will listen. I have to share this. I am truly a kind hearted soul.


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