Friday, March 1, 2019

♫♫ Bring Me to Life (Acoustic Live).. Amy Lee's Amazing Voice ♫♫


  1. She has a great voice, and I have always liked that song musically, but I don't like the lyrics. It is a person whose life is so utterly dependent on someone else to bring her to life. That makes her a slave, not a partner in that relationship. Not healthy.

  2. I have heard this song several times, and never knew who it was performing it. That it was evanescence is not a surprise. And while Karl doesn't like the lyrics, I have to say, that often, life can be messy, and sometimes, songs are written to talk about the messy parts of life, and not just the happy and joyful times. In fact, if you look at some of the best songs of the past 50 years, I bet that over 25% of them are about things like unrequited love, or sadness at the girl that ran away, maybe your sorrow at the life you lived, etc. Sometimes, life is not all simple, and sometimes art, or poetry is best when it talks about things that bring pain, and not happiness.
    I like the happy songs as much as anyone. The Beach Boys songs about chasing pretty girls on the beach, when you were a young man, or the happy ending with the girl of your youth, are great songs, and I like them. But there is real place for songs that are deeper and more emotionally painful.
    I am not trying to pick on your musical taste, Karl. I truly understand why you don't like this song. And I am certainly not a music critic. If you don't like a song then you don't like it. You don't need an explanation. I was only trying to explain why I like this song, and some others like it. I hope you didn't feel attacked. If you do, I apologize.


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