Friday, February 15, 2019

Nice Bucks Taken In Alabama This Year

Here is a compilation of some very nice bucks taken in Alabama this past hunting season. Besides the nice deer, it is promising to see all the young boys, girls, and women enjoying the the great outdoors, guns, etc. Some of these photos show very young boys with deer blood smeared on their faces signaling their first "kill" and a right of passage. If liberals should see them, I am certain it would make their heads explode, Chuck Schumer would cry and Nancy would whine. Hell yes I politicized it. If we are to win the culture war we are going to have to fight fire with fire and at every turn!

To see more, click HERE.


  1. Great pic: composition, content, and pride of the young hunter.

    1. Yes it was. I hope you got a chance to check them all out as there were some "gooduns".

  2. Some damn fine genetics being passed along down that way, Jeffery.
    The deer herd looks strong, too.
    Gives me hope when I see the pride in a young'uns eyes after a harvest.


    Whitehall, NY

  3. Great post, great link, great kids, great Dads, Moms, etc.


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