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Monday, December 31, 2018

Life distances and time... at 56 years...

  I got to thinking, as I do sometimes, about how many miles I have traveled and now much
 time I spent traveling. In the past, on some of my year end birthday posts I've posted how many miles this body has gone in reference to space and the amount of time I have spent here.

 Engineer's minds think like to contemplate this shit sometimes when we are bored.

So, with the help of google and the magic of math here we go:

56 years time:

672 months
2922 weeks
20,455 days
490,920 hours
29,455,200 minutes
1,767,312,000 seconds

56 years distance:

     Being in the northeast, I picked an average for 45 degree latitude and figured the circumference of the earth at that point. I have been revolving around the earth's axis once a day for 20,455 days. The rotation speed of  the earth here approx 800mph and in 24 hour time the distance traveled is 17,677 miles. So, I have traveled 361,583,035 miles.

     Now the fun starts.

  The earth travels around the sun a distance of  584,000,000 miles per year 
at a speed of  67,000 mph.  Therefore, I have traveled 56 x 584million miles for a grand total of
32,704,000,000 miles around the sun. Wish I had a penny for each mile.

and finally:

Our solar system is traveling through space around the center of the Milky Way Galaxy.
We are speeding along at 514,000 mph.

So I have been here for 490,920 hours traveling at a speed of  514,000 mph for a total distance of  252,322,880,000 miles (yes, trillion)

  slightly over 10 times the national debt!!

 One last thing I looked up. Even going at 514,000 MPH it would take 230,000,000 years for our
solar system to go once around the center of our galaxy. Math is done.

 Happy New Years one and all. Thanks for stopping by...


All the best,



  1. Backatcha. Look forward to a year of interesting articles.

  2. It's your birthday too?!

    1. Make that three. Happy Birthday amd New Year!

  3. Happy everything!


  4. Spacey


  5. I guess we're all interstellar travelers, with milestones that transcend our paltry perception of a year. These milestone should be celebrated like New Years, with plenty of adult beverages, time off from work, and the joy of ringing in a new milestone.

  6. Your whisky glass reminded me of this spot.
    Burn's night poetry on New Years? Why not!



  7. Speaking of getting bored and passing time in Airports; While waiting for planes I figured out that if I take the 3 prime numbers, 3, 13, and 125299, multiply them together I have my phone number.

    Later, just to assure I didn't do any mis-calculating on my trusty Texas Instruments Calculator I wrote a basic program, to test if numbers were primes, on my Apple II+ computer. The program was only 12, maybe 14 lines. Running the program for 125299 took two and a half beers, -I mean around an hour and fifteen minutes, but yes 125299 is a prime.

  8. Happy New Year Irish. Did you watch the Del McCoury video I sent you the other day, "High on a Mountain Go"?
    "Wondering where the years of my life have flown" is something I contemplate from time to time as the song implies.

  9. Happy New Year and thanks for another interesting and entertaining year.

    This post made me look at my fitbit log. Wife bought me one in 2016 to make me stop lying to myself about how much I exercise. I was 62 then and getting fat and high blood pressure.

    Since then fitbit says I've walked 17,755,788 steps, which is 7,565.79 miles, climbed 20490 floors, and burned 4,573,406 calories. Oddly enough my weight and blood pressure are down. Wife says it's the fitbit, I say it's because I decided I could afford a more expensive quality of red wine.

  10. A Happy New Year to you Irish.

  11. Raising a glass of Jameson in your direction, a prosperous New Year to you, Irish.

    1. I also raise a Jameson, stout aged in your direction, Sir.

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  13. Happy New Year my friend, from a fan, fellow 56 yo and fellow New Englander (Cape Ann). I truly enjoy your blog. Cheers!


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