Sunday, October 28, 2018

,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and just like that, the Bombacrat turned into a NAZI

UPDATED: For whatever reason clicking the "link" resulted in access denied. It was to FOX. I have since changed it. Though this article doesn't slant the Bombacrat in as bright of a NAZI light, it still does. If this one is broken or if you wish to look further, simply google "Sayoc Nazi rantings, etc" all the MSM outlets are the same and they are trying to tie this to "hate crimes" such as the tragic shooting yesterday. 

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According to a news report, Caesar Sayoc posted nahtsee rants on social media before he was apprehended for building and mailing items that resembled  bombs like the ones on TV and in the movies.

Read the story HERE.


  1. Got an "Access Denied" message when I hit the link.

    What did you do this time?

    1. Tried searching for it on Fox and got zip.

      Could it have been scrubbed?

    2. That is funny edutcher. I don't know. There is some crazy interweb stuff going on lately. The story was originally on FOX, but you can google the Sayoc-nazi rants and you can find a ton of this propaganda out there. Thank you guys for stopping by and alerting me.

  2. FWIW There's a better story at the Times of Israel which paints him less as a Trump fanatic than as a Narzi. hated Jews, blacks, and homosexuals - 3 groups Trump likes.

    The piece at the link is the usual WaPo/AP we hate Trump stuff.

    PS Nice close look at the van. Now I ask you, did you ever see a van done like that? Most of the ones I've seen, all the bumper stickers are on the body outside, not photo collages on just the inside windows. And it's the neatest, cleanest van of that kind ("Hey, look at me, I'm a (fill in the blank)"). It's practically right off the lot.

    PPS Several commenters elsewhere have said no way in that part of Miami does a pro-Trump van go unvandalized.


    1. Thanks edutcher. Did you see T.L. Davis' piece? He makes a great case against the pristine "Trump Van"

    2. I don't doubt a lot of Lefty paradises are home to that sort of nut, but to see the stats for Miami would be intriguing.

      FWIW Here's a piece from American Thinker about Sayoc's former lawyer, who's still the family lawyer, which has this quote:

      He never seems sophisticated enough to do something like he's accused of. I wouldn't be surprised to find out that there were others others [sic] who helped prod or encouraged him to do this, or that the bombs in fact were so crudely made, they never could have worked. He didn't seem to have the intellectual capacity to plan a conspiracy like this in my opinion.

      That, to me, is the killer.

  3. From what I am reading, these "bombs" are no more a threat than the Clockboy bomb. Look's sorta like a bomb but isn't a bomb. Furthermore, as I have repeated stated, there is no way these "bombs" went through the post office. Even the dumbest PO employee would have immediately noticed something was amiss what with wires, clocks, tubes, not enough postage, and uncancelled postage. I dont know shit about making a bomb but I do know you would have to include an explosive substance and whyinell put a clock on the outside of a letter bomb if you wanted to surprise someone.


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