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Monday, November 13, 2017

We Shall See What Transpires.....


  1. Hi Irish,
    Back when, I thought "Nothing" would happen, it would be "Washington business-as-usual" during "Watergate." This is a bit different... Watergate was just a "3rd rate botched burglary" .... The Uranium deal, Fast & Furious, Sandy "HOAX," and Hillarybitches' emails and etc. are plain and simple "TREASON!!!!!" Prison Hell!!!! How about some good ol' HEMP and a really high yardarm!!! Then feed the carcasses to the Sharks!!!!
    ......But I ain't waitin' up nights....

  2. Great. Hope you get to be an Irishman in a democracy. BTW if you ain't born in Ireland....oh wait, u have the blood of the weak. That makes you 1/16 Mark Wahlberg. So, u go Fenian? Do you have the balls 2 not like Donald Trump? All this slimy labelling n peddling of views at every point? U have no spirit.


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