Monday, November 6, 2017

Far-leftist teacher goes off on student, claims to know more than the dictionary .. This Kid Is Awesome....

A liberally diseased social justice warrior teacher just got owned by a young student. The teacher also said she's smarter than a dictionary, but doesn't know the definition of terrorism. This student held his ground and had many great points, but the teacher is a complete idiot. She then said "people like you" and proves again she's far left and big time stupid.

If you can stick with the video you will see how discourse has devolved in this country.

Here's a description from the "latino" student:

She was talking loudly about Trump and I am one of the few right-wingers in my school. So she asked me why I supported him seeing as how I am Latino, and he hates us. I responded saying that he doesn't hate Latinos, he just wants to remove Illegals from the US. It then shifted to how there are a war on blacks and other minorities because of cop killings, and stated that the FBI statistics I was using were skewered because it was seeded on white supremacy. It finally shifted to where she said how when its a Muslim attack, its labelled terrorism, but Vegas was not since he was white. I told her that so far, unless something turns up, we have not found any political or religious aims, and therefore it cannot be viewed as a terrorist incident because the definition of terrorism states violence in the pursuit of political aim (((anti-fa))). At that point, she claimed multiple times the dictionary was wrong and that she knew more than it. I was only able to capture 90% of the confrontation. Sorry for low quality and my slight stuttering, it comes and goes randomly I have no idea why.



  1. This woman is a prime example why stupid should hurt.

  2. I like that the student not only proved the teacher is a dumbass, they showed others how some teachers aren't fit to clean up elephant shit behind a circus.

  3. On the lighter side:


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