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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

CIA Supected Hitler Alive in South America At Least Until the 1950's After Surviving WW2

I'm always skeptical of "grainy" pictures, but anyhow, here is the STORY.

When I see one of these types of stories, I always think of this movie and the scene at about 10:14 (couldn't get it to copy url at "current time").



  1. Al would have looked a lot worse than that.

    The Parkinson's had gotten really bad and the July 22 bomb had made him a physical wreck.

  2. A couple years agothe soviets admitted that the skulls from thdbodies of Al and Eva turned out to be from 2 women.

    So they either had the wrong bodies or he escaped.


    1. I think I saw that story as well Exile1981. I also remember some push-back when DNA analysis became available and the Soviets wouldn't allow the supposed remains of Uncle Al to be typed. Edutcher makes a good point too in regards to the progression of Parkinson's, etc. What sort of condition would the fuhrer have been in ten years after the wary? I also think the American intelligence operatives cut all sorts of deals, allowed people to "escape", or whatever one chooses to call it with people in positions of power within the Third Reich in the name of fighting Communism and PAYOLA in the form of "war booty". Did Hitler make it out of the ruins of Berlin or other parts of Germany? It is possible, but not likely.


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