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Sunday, August 27, 2017

UPDATE! The Ten Causes Of The War Between The States By James W. King and LtCol Thomas M. Nelson

Last week I posted a well-written piece pertaining to the causes of the American Civil War which has received over 80,000 views and many comments. Almost all of the comments were of an inquiring nature asking for sources and where  information regarding the causes of the Civil War could be found. I was able to contact Mr. King (the author) and he sent me a listing of some of his sources. He also sent me the information for the post regarding the CSS Hunley that I just put up this morning and agreed he would send me other articles from time to time.  Thanks to all of our readers for stopping by and thank you Mr. King for your contributions. Below is a note of thanks and the sources. Jeffery

Thank you for reading my article 10 Causes and contacting me. I am an honor graduate of the Univ. of Georgia with advanced degrees but not in history. Virtually everything I have learned about The War For Southern Independence (Civil War) was learned after I joined the Sons of Confederate Veterans  (SCV) organization in 1988. 
  I have about 2000 facts, articles, quotes, etc. in "my documents" in my computer. I am planning to write a book. Northern historians have selected what they put in American history books and they have omitted "inconvenient history".There are thousands of sources that verify that which I wrote in my article 10 Causes. Here are a few references:
The South Under Siege 1830 to 2000 by Frank Conner. It has a list of reference books.
Truths of History by Mildred Lewis Rutherford
Red Republicans and Lincoln Marxists by Benson and Kennedy
War For What by Francis Springer
Lincoln Takes Command by Francis Springer
The Gray Book by SCV in the 1930's
The Invasion of the Southern States by Samuel Ashe (last surviving CSA Commissioned Officer) 1935
The Real Lincoln by Thomas DiLorenzo
A New Look at Abraham Lincoln His Agenda and an Unnecessary War by Thomas DiLorenzo
The South Was Right by Ronald & Donald Kennedy
Slavery Was Not The Cause of the War Between The States The Irrefutable Argument by Gene Kizer
Lincoln Uber Alles-Dictatorship Comes To America by John Avery Emison
The Uncivil War- Shattering the Historical Myths by Leonard Scruggs
Is Secession Treason by Albert Bledsoe
The Slave Narratives (one for each southern state 1934-1936)
Civil War Books—a checked price list by Broadfoot (Over 1000 reference books listed)
Confederate Veteran Magazine---Early 1900's to current issues
Southern Partisan magazine ---1990 to mid 2000's
Quotes and summaries from books by Bernhard Thuersam NC Sesq. Chairman posted on SHNV (Southern Heritage News and Views)
Causes of War by CSA Gen. Joseph Wheeler in 1894 speech to U.S. Congress
Causes of War by Gordon
Causes of War by Hunter
Causes of War by Christian
Causes of War by Settle
Causes of War by McCrady
Causes of War by Scruggs
Some Things For Which The South Did Not Fight by Henry Tucker Graham
An Inconvenient History-Causes of War by Republicae Part 1 and Part 2
The Lost Cause by Edward A. Pollard
Southern History of the War by Pollard
Bernhard Thuersam posts a summary or reference from 1 or more books weekly in SHNV
He has a huge library of books from the war era to current. I am going to see if he can send me list. There are so many older books I had never heard of until I began getting his postings. 
   The truth has been documented. It is just not what is taught in America's classrooms. The victor of a war writes the history. What passes as the history of the old South, the war, and reconstruction is at best a highly biased New England perspective and at worst no more than Yankee lies and propaganda. 
   James W. King
SCV Camp Commander
Albany Georgia



  1. I started to post this as a comment to this article but figured I should leave that to you. https://www.weaselzippers.us/354724-irelands-sole-confederate-monument-at-risk-of-removal-amid-u-s-uproar/#disqus_thread

    being of both Irish and Southern heritage I take this stuff personally

    1. Thanks Anon. Look for this as a post in the near future.

  2. I would add three books from the late 19th century:

    Lincoln, The Man by Edgar Lee Masters.

    Shall Cromwell Have a Statue? by Union General Charles Francis Adams.

    A Defense Of Virginia by Robert Lewis Dabney

    History as taught today is idiotic.

  3. Hey Jeffery;

    Excellent article. The clowns are using today's morality to judge people that lived 167 years ago.

  4. Hi Irish & Jeffery,
    Thx for the list!!!!! Now to find copies of these books, especially old original issues!!! Also, be advised a major thought that crossed my mind when I first saw this post is that "This List!!," is what "Commie, Nazi, Left-Wing, antifa, insurrectionist Book Burning" is all about!!!!! ........"TRUTH!!!!"
    Audentes, Fortuna, Juvat,

  5. Here are a couple worth watching---



  6. You might also want to look at A Disease In The Public Mind by Thomas Fleming. I see a number of parallels with how the media is behaving today...


  7. Excellent Article. As a descendant of Northern and Southern Troops it is of great importance for us all to know the reasons behind the Civil War. I can remember my grandfather telling me that our family fought due to unfair tariffs imposed on the Mississippi river that damaged the costs of our family's crops. Who were share croppers. I'm pretty sure, North and South were racist as hell. It's a shame that the southern economy was so dependent on this free labor. Amazing still how everyone has forgot about the indentured servitude of the Irish and Scots.

  8. Right on Anon, but I don't think people has "forgot" indentured servitude. It was rarely taught and now I doubt one could find mention of it in public schools or liberal universities. Thanks

    Also, thank Jeff Wilson for the book link.

  9. I shared your post and received tgis in my comment thread. How do you answer something like this?


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