Saturday, June 10, 2017


God Bless this Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey. He has caught some flak for this video, but what he is saying is the absolute TRUTH. His pro-awareness/pro-preparedness stance is not only the prudent posture to take, but it is so much more encouraging than the pigshit diatribe offered by liberal-progressive-commie mayors such as De Blasio of NYC who tells citizens that such terrorist violence is to be expected in a multi-cultural 20th century metropolis. To hell with that. Listen to the sheriff and take heed.


  1. Hi Irish,
    'Just downloaded the vid to my "Faceplant" "Bill Deli" page and sent it to my email to put in my files!!
    Tomorrow is "Range Day" my trigger finger is getting stiff... 'needs a "work out!!!"
    Got Gunz OUTLAW!!!!!!!!!,

  2. He's my county sheriff, and he's really straightforward about saying if you're able to carry a concealed weapon, we're on the same team as him and his deputies. After the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando, where the Orlando SWAT team waited outside for freakin' hours while the jihadi executed people, Sheriff Ivey said, "not in my county" and made that video about the "Four As". Number one is arm yourself wherever you legally can.

    They say he's probably aiming for a higher office, but that's OK.

    A friend got pulled over by a deputy on the way to the range. Bad tail light, if I remember. He had five rifles in the backseat and a couple of handguns on the front. The deputy said, "sir, do you have a firearm on you?".. "Sure do". After a little talk the deputy wanted to see it. I think it was his stainless Springfield 1911. Deputy said, "Nice!" and let him go on his way.

    1. Nice. Many of us in the Southland (and other parts of the country) are fortunate enough to have sheriffs/LEOs who use common sense.


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