Wednesday, June 14, 2017

It Is Offical: Shooter Was A "Never Trumper" And Bernie Sanders Supporter

Another "Wild Eyed" liberal democrat snaps and goes on a shooting spree this morning outside Washington, D.C.  targeting U.S. Congressmen as they practiced for a charity baseball game. The shooter has been identified as 66 year old James T. Hodgkinson of Bellville, IL (The Peoples Republik). It is too early to speculate on much more than what has been ascertained from eyewitnesses accounts so far.  I noticed the media was a bit "hushed" on this shooting in relation to phrases like "assault rifle", "high capacity magazines", "right wing", etc. One could hear the disappointment in their voices after they learned the perp they were hoping for turned out to be one of their "own". Is it any wonder that some "nutjob" would snap and go on a spree after the media has been on a Trump hating binge since before he was elected.  This  anti-Trump bombardment has been 24/7 since Donald Trump was elected. This slanderous barrage of innuendos has included more "fake news" than normal people can absorb or much less debate and refute. Then there is the pro-violence posture of Antifa, BLM, those in the media including a third-rate comedian with her bloody Trump mask imitating ISIS, and now there is the acting troupe in NYC who nightly puts on a play (calling it art) showing the President and First Lady assassinated. This hatred of Trump and conservatives in general has grown into an obsessive sickness and is an outward expression of what really is inside the hearts of liberal-commie-globalist. 

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  1. Makes a person all warm and fuzzy (can you say "tingle up my leg") knowing that the leftists are so caring, compassionate and inclusive.
    Losers, the lot of them.

  2. Why do the Sander's Suckers hate Trump, when it was Shrillary and the DNC that screwed their pups?
    ignore amos


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