Thursday, June 29, 2017

ANTIFA Plans To Burn Confederate Flags And Desecrate Graves of Confederate Soldiers During the 154th Anniversary Celebration of the Battle of Gettysburg

ANTIFA protestors really do not know what they are protesting and what they represent. I say they are really ignorant of real American history and have my doubts as to whether or not they really even care. ANTIFA is supposed to stand for anti-fascism, but in reality ANTIFA protesters are about as FASCIST as one could be. My view on the ANTIFA crowd is that their ranks are comprised mainly of college age young folks who have been programmed by the pro-communist liberal media to hate wealth (any white person who owns more than them) though many of the ANTIFA come from money and are white. Through their pro-Leninist glasses they see hard working people with "things" as RICH. Most everyone understands how the "divide and conquer" strategy works. "Class" division has been promoted in this country by pro-commie forces for the last fifty years or so to work in conjunction with the RACISM aspect of "divide and conquer".  Most ANTIFA do not understand that when they are attacking what they have been taught are symbols of "white privilege" (whatever the hell that is supposed to mean) such as Confederate monuments that they are only doing the work of their masters behind the curtain by pushing an agenda that promotes anti-white and anti-private property. Communists, when overtaking a country, almost always obliterate the symbols of  which a native people identify with in that land. This is to aid in erasing the past of the new host country so a new "made-up" history can be put in place to further the design of the regime. ISIS forces, though not communist,  use this same strategy when overtaking new territories throughout Persia. ANTIFA is threatening to desecrate graves of Confederate soldiers. Well, good luck with finding those at Gettysburg or any other National Cemetery ANTIFA. 

Sadly, Gettysburg is like most National cemeteries adjacent to or near National Military Parks where major battles took place in that "marked" graves in National Military Parks and National Cemeteries are for Federal soldiers (key word is National). After large and horrific battles such as Gettysburg, the dead on both sides were quickly buried. Sometimes years would pass before the Union dead were disinterred and neatly re-buried in the "marked" graves that we now recognize with the rows of white marble stones we see when we visit battlefields such as Gettysburg, Shiloh, Chickamauga,  and even Arlington.There was not any effort to remove and rebury the remains of the majority of Confederates from any battlefield by the United States government. If they were removed from the battlefield, it was  years later and the effort was made by the state for which they fought (i.e. North Carolina removed about 3,200 of their dead from the Gettysburg battlefield). There have been instances where Confederate burial sites have been turned into WalMart parking lots, etc. Even though in 1958 a law was passed declaring all Confederate soldiers, sailors, marines, United States veterans, the gravesites of Confederate dead are not always afforded the protection given of Federal soldiers and American veterans resting in well manicured National Cemeteries. The boys who wore the gray and butternut often lie in unmarked graves not far from where the fell. I sincerely doubt most ANTIFA know or even care which side was which. Their gammit is hype and destruction 'ala ISIS anyway. If there is an "attack" at NMP's,  ANTIFA commies might attack monuments honoring soldiers who participated in those not-so-long-ago battles. By the way, those beautiful monuments, honoring both Confederate and Union soldiers were placed by the states from which a particular regiment, Army, company, etc. hailed. The United Daughters of the Confederacy and The United Daughters of the Grand Army of the Republic held huge fundraisers and lobbied their respective state governments to raise vast sums of money to commission the sculpting of such monuments and having them placed on the fields of honor. We do not need ANTIFA commies rat bastards anywhere near such places.  So, with all of that said, the ANTIFA trash who is threatening to protest at Gettysburg may have to get history lesson the hard way. I doubt things will get "sporty" should ANTIFA really follow through at Gettysburg this weekend, but if this rabble continues to "poke the bear", I predict they will get the fight they think they want and it will not end well for ANTIFA.


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  1. My wife and i will plant some Confederate Rose plants for the memory of those who died.

  2. Post guards on the cemetery and shoot the bastards.

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  4. These alfalfa protesters are a bunch of squidsticks. I swear the more the press gives airtime to these anita's, the more violent they will become. If any of these analinguists come near you remember they advocate cutting people with unseen knives, and throwing bricks randomly at crowds.

  5. I can only hope, "Fix Bayonets" is the last thing they hear, other than their own screaming, as they run away.


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