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Thursday, December 1, 2016


Borrowed from Odie's blogspot (AKA Woodsterman)


  1. Make it Irish Whiskey and Scotch Whisky and I would be a regular.

  2. Don't drink much beer, but I would be in favor of this.

  3. I am a beer drinker since forever, first generation out of Germany, long brainwashed to believe that German beers are the best, then wife and I took her mother for a farewell trip to her home village in Moravia.

    "Uhersky Brod" is the best beer in the world. Or maybe it's any one of dozens of other local Czech brews. Litovel? Krusovice? Dunno. Going back soon, the stuff costs $.95 a half litre in small town pubs.

    So, is it OK if the beer truck plays Czech music too?

    PS: Uhersky Brod is where the CZ firearms factory is located. 20k from mother in law's home village, the factory has tours, and I did not know. Oi veh.


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