Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Obummer's World

This video is very graphic. It is not the "powder puff" version that was seen on American television. This is an ANTI-AMERICAN protest outside the American Embassy in Manila. This video is just one example of how hated the United States is abroad. This hatred is the result of the policies and treatment of foreign nations by the current Ovomit regime (and recently past i.e. Bush). Poor leadership and weak responses have fostered  this sort of anger against the United States. I am satisfied that Hillary's leadership would be more of the same. As a nation, America might even be viewed as "weaker" (if that is possible) should she be elected. At this point in the history of our country, we do not need her in the Oval Office.


  1. The PI is different from most countries. There is a very large left wing Marxist/socialist/communist sympathizer population who would love to break ties with the West so they can become a true communist dictatorship like Cuba. On the other hand many/most people in the PI love the West and America in particular, sure they have their national pride where they may well say negative things about other countries just as we disparage China for taking all our manufacturing jobs. But the point is whenever the PI gets a left leaning president/government the left becomes more active but not because of any recent or legitimate complaints against the West or the U.S. but simply because the climate is right to act out. This action has far more to do with the PI president than the U.S. president.

  2. Soon to be seen in America. If we cannot get rid of the ENTIRE Ruling Class, be they politicians, bureaucrats, academia, media, or just dumbfukkz in general........


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