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Thursday, August 25, 2016


Sent to me by "Bushwhacker Bob" in Cullman. In one way, it is funny. In another, it is pretty scary.


  1. Hey Irish;

    That video is funny but yes it is scary....One day I will do another post on millennials. The stupidity I have seen is mind boggling, both I have seen glimmers of brilliance...so it will be interesting to see which one dominates..

  2. My kids will have to suffer through this. I have enough problems dealing with present day idiots; don't have enough time (or ammo) to worry about future morons.

  3. Scary but true. I must have done something right though, my sons 23 and 21 both work in the fabrication industry. They never ask for anything either. I guess my hardassness worked to a point.

    Glider Rider


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