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Saturday, May 21, 2016

"Sir you are now the President...of the United States."

  I hope they don't fuck this up... and try and push an agenda.

Other than to take out the enemies like we should.


  1. Looks like it could be a good show.
    I have often thought that the state of the union speech is a perfect and stupidly risky setup for a disaster. There is no good reason in today's high tech world for all the key people to be in one place. Did we really learn nothing with Pearl Harbor?

    1. No we didn't.
      Those you ignore history, are doomed to repeat it.
      I didn't become deeply interested in history until I hit my 50's. Guess there was never time.
      The more i learn, the more foolish I find that we are.

  2. ABC? You can bet your sweet ass that conservatives will be the villains and Sutherland's character
    will be a pusillanimous leftist pussy ala Obonzo. These TV political dramas are so politically
    slanted and socially preachy that they have become entirely predictable!

  3. Based on what is shown in the trailer, I'm afraid Leonard is right. Sutherland will try to "avoid war". Open warfare no longer being the preferred strategy of our enemies, our country will take it in the shorts until - maybe - his character wakes up in time to save America from total destruction or complete submission. I say that intentionally, since "islam" is total submission - to the moon-god allah, and his child-raping, donkey-fellating, left-hand-instead-of-toilet paper prophet, mohammed (Piss Be Onto Him). Ask me how I feel about islam.

    1. I should have qualified that - there is no way in hell the attack will have been perpetrated by muslims in this movie. That would be politically incorrect. More likely it will be Russia (never China), or maybe - if Spielberg is involved (and yes, I know he is supposedly "Jewish", although he is an Obama Jew, not an Israeli Jew), it will be an attack by Israel.

    2. The attack will be a right wing neo-nazi group.

  4. Kal Penn is attached, he's yet to make anything that didn't have a message at least in the background.

  5. I'm afraid Leonard Jones and Reggie T will be correct.
    Remember, Mr. Sutherland is the cup-and-saucer hold shooting anti-terrorist from 24, and is a
    descendant of one of the founders of Canadian socialized medicine.
    Not exactly Chuck Heston...


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  7. What about the VP? I thought it was SOP that he is nowhere near the prez during a SotU speech.. Maybe they took him out at the same time, in a separate, coordinated hit?

    I'll give this one a try, but I'll have to make sure there's no heavy objects in range if it does turn out to be what some here think it will be.

  8. I remember reading Tom Clancy's Debt of Honor. There's a scene where a Japanese pilot, father of a man killed by U.S. forces in a battle earlier in the book, flies a fully-fueled cargo 747 into the Capitol building during a speech by the President, announcing that he has accepted the resignation of his Vice-President and that Jack Ryan (hero of the book series) was now VP.

    Everybody - House, Senate, Supreme Court - except for Ryan and a few Congresscritters on junkets was in that building.

    I thought it was a hell of a fantasy!


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