Friday, May 6, 2016

My Afternoon Hike Gets Turned Up To 11....

  As I was finishing the last leg of my hike I can hear faint music in the distance. After rounding some bends in the trail and cresting a hill I can focus a little more on the sound.

"WTF? it that bagpipes?" I said to myself.

"That's either a loud radio out on the nearby road or live"

So I start heading to the sound and low and behold, some guy is practicing out in the woods!

His wife made him leave the house... LOL..

I hung for a bit and listened.. then I started looking for a Guinness tap and realized I needed to get back to work... sigh.

Suddenly, bagpipes!!

Sorry, short video but it was fun. 


  1. Yep. He's married.

  2. That's pretty cool though!

  3. Was once backpacking Loch Ness (a very nice hike) and heard bagpipes up ahead (some distance ahead as it turned out). When we finally reached the bagpipe it was being played by a guy, in full traditional outfit, standing on a rock. Odd.


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