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Friday, April 15, 2016

Get Your Revell Model Kit.....Pot Smoke Pours Out The Windows...

h/t to chickenmom


  1. There is no fuel for the presidential transport because the socialists shut down the hydrocarbon industry. Bernie has announced its conversion to a horse drawn carriage.

  2. I think the helicopter is called Marine 1....

    Damned funny though :)

  3. Darn if that isn't pretty cool.... I wonder if they sell conversion kits.

  4. Hi Irish......,
    Funny how that goez..... back when I was a Viet Nam vet, going to school on the GI Bill $$$ were scarce in the early 70's!! 'Found a '65 VW Van for $250 and it was a Beauty!!! Formerly owned by A&W Root Beer (all faded and such by the time I got it) but some "Hippy" had it decked out!! Didn't matter......It "Rolled!!!!!"..all the way till my lady and I got ready to disembark for Iran (another story!!!) 'Had it sold for $400 till right befor e we left...it sucked a valve!!!! Still sold it to Merele for $200!! What a ride!! When we got back from Iran in '76, Merel still had it running and probably still does ......anybody out there still have a "How to keep your Volkswagen alive for the complete Idiot" Manual by John Mueher??? I have one, a 10mm box end wrench, a .006 feeler gauge and a couple of "shop rags!!" Early VW...a Language all it's own!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Got VW??
    PS,,,,,,scru burny!!!

  5. Bernie's "Air Force One" runs on used vegetable oil.

    Drove from Norfolk Naval Air Station to Boca Chica Naval Air Station (just north of Key West by three keys) in a fellow sailor's VW van with flowered curtains back in December '70.


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