Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Quick Discipline Him!!..... Muslims Might Get Their Feeling Hurt

Don't say or post anything that might wad someone's panties.....

A Medford Police officer is facing discipline after he posted a controversial image online.
Officer Jason Montalbano, an 18-year-old veteran of the department, posted a graphic image of a nuclear explosion along with a message some might believe is insulting to Muslims.

“When I first saw the post on another site, I took it as targeting ISIS. My intention in posting it on my private Facebook page was to support an aggressive military action against the ISIS terrorist threat,” Montalbano said during a news conference.

Montalbano said, "I understand that the reference to Islam was inappropriately overbroad and offensive to Muslims and non-Muslims alike.”

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  1. Private facebook page.... that means one of his "friends" squealed.


  2. He's right we should only be at war with muslims who meet one or more of these criteria.

    1) try to replace western democracy with sharia.
    2) rape our wonen, children or live stock.
    3) believe in the violence in the koran
    4) believe in FGM
    5) believe in cousin marriage
    6) burn churches
    7) think of us as infidels
    8) practice taquiya
    9) engage in jihad
    10) try and force their beliefs on us.
    11) refuse to integrate into our society after immigrating here.
    12) support violence to advance islam.

    The other 110th of 1% of muslims are ok.


  3. Never, and I mean never trust anyone who will not drink a beer!


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