Friday, March 25, 2016

Link O'rama.... Keeping Tabs on Things..

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** Life has gone far beyond farce.
** Know your enemy.  What's fascinating to me are the comments trying to analogize MODERN Islam with OLD Christian practices, or dismiss this
as "Well, ALL religions are like this..."
** And they're telling everyone... why?  (Unless this is a way to alert the public to what to look for - but guaranteed the terrorists will
** Quote: "As Tamara so aptly puts it, Europeans can go from 'zero to jackboots' faster than you'd believe possible.  They've done so many
times in the past . . . and I strongly suspect that ordinary
Europeans (with or without the support of their current political leaders) are about to do so once more."  


** Wisdom from the show "Homeland".  Except the Powers-That-Be don't want to hear how to handle Jihad.  Related:
** Perfect cartoons to accompany the above.  And an essay similar to the cartoons:
** The enemy is inside the gates.  Related:
** Because it's not about DOING ANYTHING, it's about feeling good that you've "raised awareness".
** Rapefugees need to start showing up as corpses.
** What are these snowflakes going to do if the mall they're at becomes a shooting gallery?  Related:
** But that's not racism.  Right?  Right?
** ISIS passed out candy to celebrate the slaughter of civilians.  Carpet bomb them into powder.
** Of course pay for rioting.
** Until you understand the motive, you can never win.
** A few of you know - - - I've been predicting this for years.
** I'll help the Leftists pack!
** Quote: "In conclusion, the list of pragmatic steps that the political elite could take to fight back against Muslim jihadis but refuse to
do so is endless. Their commitment to impose Islam on western civilization is total, and the dead and injured of Brussels and elsewhere will
be treated as acceptable collateral damage."
** Surprised?  DUH!  She's a Democrat.  That's what they do.  That's ALL they do.
** VERY worrisome.
** Excellent piece on Socialism.
** Dated but insightful - yes, he's right.  The more terrorist attacks, the more people will view Muslims specifically as "the other".  And,
as this author observed in another post, Western Countries - in particular European ones - can go from Zero to Jackboot in a heartbeat.
** As usual, Rush is right.  For the GOPe, it's about protecting what they have.  They'd rather see Hellary win because, for all that she's
on the Left, they still believe they can preserve their positions and income.
** Quote: "And that's exactly right.  That's the whole point of this.  And if the ruling Regime can simply choose not to apply it to their
own members, well, this would cease to be a representative
republic.  And it's become something else.  Gotta be careful with the terms you use because you can turn people off, like banana republic or
whatever. But certainly we cease being a representative republic
when certain people are above the law simply because they're a member of the correct or certain political party."  >> Precisely.  And another
quote: "This is exactly why so many Americans look at the
political establishment and think it's corrupt beyond repair and needs an infusion of decent, different people who don't have any career
whatsoever as part of all this."  >> Precisely AGAIN - which is one
reason why Trump is doing so well.
** Hey, I have an idea.  Let's connect everything to everything!  What could go wrong?
** Are you kidding me???  Banning police raids at night?
** This shouldn't surprise ANYONE who paid attention.  Sitting in a church for 20 years hearing Rev. Wright spew... I knew WHO and WHAT
Barackus was before he ever set foot in the WH.
** Just hand out job applications; that'll get rid of them.
** Bill Whittle video.
** The better to help kill off the uncooperative natives and reduce the global carbon footprint.
** Clearly, an open air prison in squalid conditions.  Not.

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