Tuesday, March 8, 2016

A Trump Poll..

 There are a few fellow troglodytes that I discuss politics with. Some have wide
ranging opinions on Trump.

What say you?


He is patriotic and sees that America is in trouble.
He is a set up by the Clinton machine.
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  1. Trump isn't perfect, but if he accomplishes even 1/4 of what he says, this country will be back on the right track. We have become unrecognizable in our morals and values. Schools are turning out PC brain dead idiots and trash (both in Washington and in the streets) ignore the laws and are not punished. We have been invaded with third world peoples and there is no end in sight. No other candidate is even addressing these problems with any solutions. The reset button needs to be pushed and bring pride and honor back. I hate to think what will happen if we don't wake up.

  2. Although Trump is a big bully I believe he is patriotic and wants to see a strong powerful America. America has allowed him to achieve fame, fortune, beautiful women and now a chance to become President. Is he my top choice? No, but the devil himself would be better than Hillary. This upcoming election will seal the fate of America.

  3. I'm not yet convinced that he thinks the election process is anything more than another reality show....

  4. Trump is simply Trump. His style is typical NY City. IMHO he seems to be a good person but tough and with his NY City persona acts kinda crude. His success in this race is simply because he is saying what 60% of the people are thinking and no one else is. Cruz is somewhat saying the right things but lacks Trump's over the top style so it doesn't come across as well. The people are angry. They have lost faith in Democrats and Republicans. They want to knock them off their pedestal and Trump is how they intend to do that.

  5. Trump is far from perfect, but he is a critical thinker, he has changed his mind several times but mostly to a more logical decision. All the other candidates are ignoring the major issues that will be the end of us. We are one amnesty away from being able to vote for anything other than the establishment. We are probably there already. China is using our money to build an army to destroy us, they are buying up our infrastructure to the point that they will control our ability to control our own country. And we are immigrating thousands of foreigners who have no interest in being Americans, they still have allegiances to our enemies. I am doubtful Trump can fix the mess we're in, but at least he understands the issues. I also think he is an outsider to the "Big Club" he has been to their parties and used for his big wallet, and nice golf courses but he isn't considered high enough class for them. If nothing else Trump is exposing the men and women behind the curtain, and that's enough for me.

  6. I'd like more choices in the poll, but given what's there, I'd go with A ("patriotic...")

    I think Trump is using sales techniques masterfully. He knows that everyone has lost faith in the parties and is mad at their parties, and he's selling himself as the new and improved replacement. He doesn't even seem to feel the need to be really specific about what he wants to do - why give your opposition your playbook. He knows Cruz's strong point is his honesty, so he constantly calls him a liar. He accuses Rubio of acting like virtually every other Senator that's run for president. His attacks make the debates sound like an elementary schoolyard.

    I think his motivation may simply be wanting to be "the world's most powerful man". Another feather in his cap; another accomplishment.

  7. I submit that one can tell the true core and measure of a man by the character of his children. Trump has four children and from what I've seen and read, they are all level headed and quite successful.

    I do think, like above, that if Trump completes 25% of what he promises, it will bode very well in slowing/stopping the decline of this country.

    I still don't think we can vote ourselves out of this mess but who knows. Apocalypse approaches but Trump may give me more time to prepare.

    As for Cruz, I firmly believe he is an establishment plant given his close relationship with Goldman, his wifes "Suspended, not terminated" employment with Goldman and her membership in the CFR. Further, the establishment and MSM have been touting to any that would listen the Cruz was the most dangerous to the GOP and even the Dems have stated that they are worried about Cruz. Further, Cruz initially had a lot of Golldman Sachs former members as his campaign staff. Reverse psychology by the GOP.

    Rubio has been groomed from his early age for the position just like Obummer. He also has damaging gay connections as well as drug usage. He was to be the next Manchurian candidate although the GOP thought Jeb could be a better draw then Rubio could stay in the background honing his skills. Kind of like slinging shit on a wall and seeing what stuck.

    Just a few thoughts.

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  9. I think we're long past the point of voting for anyone to get us out of this mess.


  10. I'm late to the party, but Trump is the GOPs Obama... honeyed words now, lots of nothing later.


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