Sunday, January 24, 2016

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 Complied and submitted by AFOI
** Remember, this is the plane Barackus favored over the F22.
** Cruz!
** Back in the days when people had honor.
** In a war, civilians often pay the heaviest price.  But it's INCIDENTAL to the "business" of
war.  This is not incidental.  This is not "collateral damage".  This is a one-on-one murder.
Dollars to donuts they're dancing in the streets at the news.

** These are from 1999; that's a long time ago and people can change.  G-d knows I have.  But I was listening to Beck this morning,
and he was slamming Trump's history...
** Trump is a logical consequence of Barackus.  When people are afraid they want a strong leader, an AUTHORITARIAN leader.  Trump is
showing himself to be that, certainly.
** And that's the percentage that would speak publically, even if anonymously.

** Read the on-the-top bullet points.  Her daughter has an ALIAS?
** A good point.  Assume Trump gets the nod.  All the Dems need to do is run videos showing how he's voted for / contributed to Dem
candidates to turn off the Conservative base.  And it would.
** All across Europe people are not ONLY learning that their governments cannot be trusted to have the NATIVES' interests over the
rapefugees interests, but that the media itself cannot be trusted to report what's going on.  This is "priming the pump" for a civil
war - when people don't trust the government OR the news, they'll decide they need to change the government, and "adjust" the
decision-makers in the media.
** Even in NY I don't WANT to see bloodshed, but actions beget consequences.
** Sadly, NOT satire.
** Where are the parents?  This is the natural, logical consequence of the "Great Society" breaking down families and removing the father
from the field.
** Are they f*cking insane?  Goodbye Sweden!
** The only thing I like about Trump is his willingness to punch back.  IMHO he has too much leftist baggage.

** Remember, the Left is playing a LONG GAME.  They're willing to lose battle after battle because they're working on the demographic
trend to swamp out the natives who won't vote their way.
** This woman will doubtless talk with others.

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