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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Imagine The Media Frenzy If A White US Marine Shot A Beautiful Black Sorority Girl On New Years Eve.....

   In This Case The Races Are Reversed....

Former Marine Confesses to Fatally Shooting 20-Year-Old Sorority Sister and Apologizes to Her Family: Police

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  1. I am a little confused as to why they keep calling him a former Marine. Yes, I realize the Marine Corps dismissed him but he was a Marine at the time he shot her, that is if I read this right: "He was dismissed from the Marines Corps a day later." The "a day later" part was in reference to the day after his arrest. So at the time of the shooting, he seemingly was a Marine and if he confessed on the day of the arrest, then he was a Marine then too or so it seems. I guess not associating him with the Marines, and thus not with the federal government, is a sort of buffer zone for the man in the White House who, in my opinion, undoubtedly could have been his father, so to speak! Who knows, maybe they are father and son.


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