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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Exclusive Preview Of SCFOAMF's SOTU ...


  1. Remember the first time I hooked up to a manure spreader. Was going full blast across the field when I tripped the level----It rained shit on me. You are right---Obugger will lay it on heavy tonight!

  2. Too bad he isn't sitting on top of that pile....

  3. I'm afraid that machine has neither the capacity or mechanical capabilities to be representative of the volume that was spewed last night. I raised all of my windows and opened my doors. Despite the cold weather, everything this morning was green and in full bloom! Actually, I attempted to watch but after a few minutes began to feel nauseous and that I would surely vomit. So, I turned it off.

  4. I'd rather walk behind that spreader until it was empty than look at that traitorous bastard or listen to his lies.


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