Thursday, October 8, 2015

“If you like your plan, you can keep your plan,”.... ya that's a load of bullshit.

  Last year I personally had to change my Doctor and health plan because my premiums went up about 30%. My excellent Dr doesn't take my new insurance so I have had to get a new Dr. that I still haven't met. A physical, scheduled with him, is a 6 month + wait.

Yesterday, I got an email from BEANBURNER with this note:

BB wrote:

"Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas is dropping individual PPOs. I'm not sure if its statewide or just in certain areas, but folks in Amarillo ar pissed at the AHA. The top link goes straight to the bcbs website announcement. I'm not blogging much anymore, so I thought I'd send it on to somebody else that might be interested."

Here is a link to BCBS's website where you can scroll down and find this:


Why is Blue Choice PPO going away?

BCBSTX was the only insurer to offer an individual PPO insurance plan across the state to individuals in 2014 and 2015. Since the Affordable Care Act began, the market has changed. We found that the individual PPO plan was no longer sustainable at the cost it was being offered. Because we want to make sure that our plans are affordable, we decided to not offer individual PPO plans in 2016.


  1. Yup. mine is getting cancelled as well. And... I had a Doc deny me care THIS year because I have BCBS PPO. Before the policy was cancelled.

    The ACA and Obama can go pound sand.

  2. The AHA was never about making health care affordable for US.
    It was so that the feds could afford to dole out benefits to their third-world imports.
    We are the cow that gets milked dry to pay for all this shit!

    We've had to change our primary care physician three times, in the last five years, because of all this crap.
    My premiums have doubled in the last three years; as well as an increased deductible, higher co-pays, and reduced coverage.
    My immediate boss has been told that our insurance won't cover his meds anymore.
    Two of the three have no generic equivalent, one of which costs $900 a month.

    Save the American family $2500 a year?????
    Yeah, tell us another one - ya fuckin' scum bag!

    Whitehall, NY

  3. Last week I got my notice that my plan was not going to be offered next year and I would automatically be enrolled in it's more expensive replacement during open enrollment unless I opted for something else. When I got this plan it was not one that my doctor took. The only medical practice that accepts it within 50 miles makes you see a PA instead of the Dr.and I am in metro Atlanta, WTF??? I stuck with my doctor and I am paying out of pocket as none of his fees apply to my deductibles. This current plan is a little over twice what I was paying 3 years ago and. I have had to change my meds that worked that has a real cost of $140/month (old insurance price was $22), but were not on the formulary, to meds that have a real cost of $360 and cost me $72 with the current insurance.

    If they wanted to fix the medical insurance the fed should make it where insurance is universally accepted and make any meds that are available covered.

  4. These asshole insurance companies couldn't wait to jump into bed with obama when he started this obamacare. Now they want to jump ship. They should be forced to take whatever the payouts are. They've taken all the outrageous monthly premiums, forced long wait times and essentially denied coverage by these long waits and now they want to cancel plans and disappear with the money. Again. ... assholes.

  5. Glad I read this Irish. We just so happen to have a company HR person coming next week to help "guide us" through the open enrollment process. Never in the 11 years I've worked here, have they ever sent an HR person to help us. That was a red flag for me when I got the company email stating such. Now I know why. BCBS Texas is our provider.


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