Tuesday, September 8, 2015

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FXPhillips writes:

I know you’re being rhetorical but I will try.

The reason we now have the disaster is because about 75 years ago the two “opposition” parties essentially melded in the throes of the “great” depression. They came to the consensus clandestinely that the American people had to be controlled for their own good and that only they had the answer even though by all honest accounts their every move just more firmly entrenched what was a mere business cycle down turn into a true economic disaster.
They are as Caroll Quigley once proposed that they are just different enough to fool the ignorant into thinking they can throw the bums out and get a materially different approach.
We cannot. Understand this- when the alleged “conservative” Dwight Eisenhower came to power he had no intention of undoing the “New Deal” bargain made by Roosevelt and Wilkie during the 1940 campaign. Wilkie was another New Dealer who just questioned Roosevelt’s efficiency not his vision. Today’s republican party is not a party of small government and hasn’t been since Coolidge. The “Democrat” party is the party of Government Expansion and the “Republican” role is to give it bi-partisan imprimatur by actually trying to make it work efficiently. After all what was Romney’s primary claim to fame. Making expensive boondoggles work. Not coming in and shutting them down.
Now we see the fruits of this collusion. Ever expanding theft by government and a clear contempt for the rule of law as set down by the only truly innovative regime instituted since the Magna Carta.
The history of the governance of human beings is generally that of a politically connected elite ruling over the ignorant masses. The basic premise being the subjects served the state.
Our founding stood this on its head making the state subservient to citizen and only given the power to adjudicate between citizens equal in the eyes of the law. Our founding with one glaring exception(since corrected) made clear the intrinsic worth of each man and defined his rights as things that one can exercise in an unlimited fashion without making claims or infringing on the rights of others.

But I digress.
They made this pact with the idea that both sides were going to do as the pleased rule of law be damned. This required that they never call out the other for their clear lawlessness. Now the “Democrats” have been the primary violators especially under Obama. But he can’t do this unless the other side is in on the deal.
They sell us out on the border. They sell us out on Iran. They sell us out defenstrating Obamacare. Sell us out on our God given rights so they can manufacture rights for a belligerent micro-nority. They sell us out on funding a barbarous baby chop shop. They sell us out on allowing the governing party to harass us because we don’t agree to their lawlessness. They gaslight us on a pseudo-religion that seeks to enslave us.
These are all bi partisan efforts by the ruling monoparty. The supposed opposition party is gutless as they constantly allow the mortal sins of a truly evil amalgam of hate groups impose their ruthless depravity on this society all so they can get a nice write up in the propaganda organs of their de facto “betters”.
If these people were truly on the side of the rule of law Obama would be in the dock with a bill of particulars two reams of paper high. It would not matter one whit whether they could remove him or because the numbers aren’t there as they would make it clear that these are gross violations of the law and any vote to retain him would be considered aiding and abetting an overthrow of the American republic. But they don’t because they tacitly agree with their senior partners. It doesn’t matter how egregious the policy or corruption encrusted their candidates are the so called “opposition party” not only does not attack their senior partners they openly attack those that have the temerity to openly question these people. Issue after issue you have the so called opposition party running interference for the NDSWP that it reminds one of the Vichy French in North Africa.
Both parties have been long infested with the “progressive” disease for generations now. And by “progressive” I mean the reactionary idea of the dominance of the state. They have both long ago eschewed the idea of God given rights for the idea of state granted privileges. Their basic problem is we the people as many of us actually believe in the constitutional premise of the government as neutral arbiter not self-interested player; government as protector of God given rights from usurpers foreign and domestic not crony dispensers of favors to the connected.
So why does Obama remain? Because they are all in on the scam and that includes the brass perfumed princes who now infest the upper reaches of the military who take an oath to protect and defend the constitution but in actuality have privately sworn fealty to traitor in the White House.


  1. There are 535 members of Congress. Of that number 530 are corrupt. The command structure of the military is corrupt. The president is corrupt. The media written and broadcast is corrupt. Satan's in charge. We the People and America are fucked.

  2. Both Teddy Roosevelt and Herbert Hoover were progressives much like Wilson and FDR, so the linkage goes back somewhat further than the Great Depression Nonetheless, what we have today is a center-left party (Republican) controlled by its liberal wing, and a socialist party (Democrat) controlled by its communist wing. There is not a single item in the liberal agenda that they disagree about, not even 100 W incandescent light bulbs (banned because they are a low-profit commodity). The only thing that happens is that the noose gets "progressively" tighter.

  3. One party starts a program, the seeks to make it more efficient, not eliminate it. Amen!


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