Sunday, August 2, 2015

Link O'Rama.... In Case You Missed Something...

Complied and submitted by AFOI..
** Quote: "The size of the crowd around the federal spigot is growing by the minute."  >> Pretty soon the calls to "fix" this
by just going full Socialist single-payer will start.  Which I believe was the plan from Square One.
** We are being invaded, and our politicians are egging it on.  Traitors.
** Gee, do you f*ckin' think so???
** Rehash but with some new insights.
** There's a saying, don't recall from where: "Pleasing your enemies does not turn them into friends."
** If Israel did something one tenth as vile, there would be outrage (and rightfully).  Muslims doing this?  Crickets.
** How about a big "FUCK YOU!"?   

** Under a restraining order, which means he could not buy one LEGALLY.
**Say, what are our intellectual superiors doing to protect us against an EMP?  Damned little.
** That'll leave a mark.
** The issue is that most LIVs won't get the tech-speak, and just believe the accusation.
** But we knew that.
** Just as an intellectual exercise.  Suppose an eeeeeevil for-profit company executive asked whether or not their
IM system archived messages, and when told "No" said "Perfect".  And THIS exchange was documented.  This would be,
and rightly, HUGE.
** Imagine if a baby is, somehow, proven to have been born alive and then given over.  Not hard to think this.
Just what kind of monster do you have to be to have a live infant in your hands and know it is to be killed?  And
remember: Barackus voted AGAINST protecting such infants.
** You flyover hicks, listen to your masters.  Disbelieve what you see and hear, believe us.
** Nice photoshop.
** Rope.  Tree.  Assembly.
** But our intellectual and moral superiors have assured us that the Islamists are on the run, and the border is secure.

** At issue is that such sexual proclivities are viewed by the Left as an asset, not something to be ashamed of.
** Another beautiful Bill Whittle video.
** So, waiting for the Palestinian protests over the Fogel murders.  Israelism - Jews - protest the horrific killing of an
Arab.  Where is the reciprocity?
** Can you imagine the 24/7 coverage of this if it were a black (or hispanic) girl beaten like this by whites?
** Interesting website, and I'll probably buy one of the books.  But here's the money quote: "In 2008, the Argentine government nationalized
all Private Pensions, effectively stealing $30 Billion Usd. This was of course unconstitutional, but they did it anyway because the government
was simply running out of money."  >> Sound familiar?  What will happen when the US is unable to borrow more money?
** And this is done - I believe - inadvertently.  What could happen if there were a massive, coordinated effort?
** It all depends... "D" or "R".
** What would be delicious is that the Dems commit to Shrillary, and then this cracks open.
** Well done.
** And insights:
** Blunt.  Direct.  And true.
** Global warming is man-made all right - made by fraud.
** Quote: "This seeming contradiction makes sense when one understands that the left's endgame was never to protect children or to advance
gay rights.  The endgame is to destroy by whatever means necessary the traditional institutions that undergird Western civilization."
** My point in posting this is not to comment on Cecil, or the dentist.  It's this, quote: "Still, we don't need the video to realize a very
important and vital lesson about the mental faculties of your average American.  And that lesson is they are no longer capable of logic,
reason, empiricism or sanity."

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