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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Does This Comment Sum It Up Or What?....

  I followed the link on THIS POST at BIGFURHAT's place.

The link leads to an article at Breitbart entitled:

Cyclist Burns Used Toilet Paper, Starts Forest Fire


The comments there are worth reading :)


This one especially: 

"Why the hell are all the government officials cracking jokes?? This was criminal negligence of the first order!

Seems our government now only exists to coordinate Democrat corruption, reward liberals, enrich welfare recipients, enfranchise and enrich illegal alien invaders, destroy our military all the while punishing hard working tax paying middle class citizens (double penalty if they are male, christian or conservative)."



  1. Harry Ried and his Big Green corporate interests are not waving money under the BLM's noses this time, so the BLM doesn't care.


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