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Sunday, July 12, 2015

"Be Home When The Streetlights Come On"...


  1. Free range with the scars to prove it.....

  2. Free range with the scars to prove it.....

  3. Way back in '71 my dad was racing Motocross on a Yamaha 250 Enduro here in the Portland. SouthWest Washington area and had just remarried so I had two new step brothers and some cousins.
    We lived just off a very busy major street in NorthEast Portland at the bottom of a very long hill, it flattened out just before it got to our house. I swiped a set of old handlebars from the old man's motorcycle and put knobby tires on both ends of a StingRay bike and in effect built the very first BMX bike.
    We had painted a one hundred foot increment multiple use field in the street right oinfront of our house that infutiated some of the neighbors but was very handy. It had hockey goals on each end, bases for baseball and ten foot increments for football. We were out there every day doing something .

    One day we decided to build a ramp similar to the one in the picture but much bigger to see how far we could jump, using the ten foot increments on the field and a tape measure for the fine marks.

    I jumped that little bike 32 fucking feet on my best attempt, on asphalt, with no helmets or pads no less.

    My little brother thought he could beat that and when he landed, the frame of the bike folded in half. Fucked that boy right up. Road rash all over the place.

    The shit we pulled back in those days would cause these pussy motherfucking parents out there now to have a God Damn heart attack yet we managed to survive just fine.

    This is one small example of what we used to do out of boredom and we had plenty of neighbor kids hanging around all the time because we had fun and so did they while their parents were clueless about where they were or what they were doing.

    People would be in jail now for letting their kids do what we did every fucking day back then

    This is what we have become?

    Fuck that.


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