Friday, June 5, 2015

How To Identify Camels....

Dromedary is the name for one-hump camels.

Bactrian is the name for two-hump camels.

  Because of the blanket it's hard to tell which type this camel is. Most likely it's a Dromedary which are much more common than it's two hump cousin.



  1. I could give her a couple of humps.

  2. Oh, there's two humps in the picture, all right. ;)
    Just not on the camel.

  3. Old Jewish guy in Miami complains to his friend that he has trouble meeting women. The friend suggests that he get an unusual pet. "Like what?" The friend replies, "I don't know . . . how about a camel - no one's got one of those around here." So the OJG gets a camel and sure enough, gets popular. Then one day, he exits a cafe after lunch, and his camel is not where he parked it. He calls the cops. The cop asks, "What did it look like?" OJG: "What do you think? A camel!" Cop:"Well, one hump or two?" OJG: "One" Cop: "Male or female?" OJG: "I don't know . . . wait - it was definitely a male." Cop: "Why are you so sure now?" (wait for it)

    OJG: "Because everywhere I went, people would shout, 'Look at the schmuck on that camel!'"

  4. Looks like a 12 year old girl with plastic boobs, way to young to be that vain glory!


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