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Friday, May 1, 2015

What Are Your Thoughts on Jade Helm? is it TinFoil hat stuff or......


  Have any of you personally seen anything like the videos show at the link attached?

Massive military equipment movements. Troops. Etc?

 From the link,

The build up for Jade Helm is massive to say the least. Reports are coming in from all over the US of a tremendous amount of military activity and build up of equipment and vehicles that definitely goes well beyond what the stated number of military personnel would need for this drill.

  LINK HERE with over a dozen videos.

another LINK HERE

h/t to coauthor Jeffery


  1. No tin foil hat, but I think it's a deseption op. They are doing other things, but distracting us with jade helm.

  2. These exercises have been going on since Reagan and, if somebody told me they were going on since Eisenhower or Jack Kennedy, I wouldn't be surprised.

    You can only get so much realism out of fake, 2-story cinderblock cities.

  3. check out weaponsmans explanation of jade helm, also references joe foxx from viking preparedness. I think there's a lot more serious things to worry about.

  4. Not only have I seen them, I've helped plan and execute them. If you want to know more, Google "Robin Sage". Our soldiers swear an oath to the Constitution AND they believe in it. I would trust the Army more than I would any non-military government organization.


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