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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The "real" No-Go Zones of France

Contaminated by massive amounts of arsenic, lead, zinc, and un-exploded munitions,  huge tracts of lands and villages have been off limits for years.

Read the entire story here.

Big hat tip to Bob in KY!


  1. Thanks and I had never heard about this.

  2. Who would have thought----the war has been over for 70 years!

  3. Thanks, I've heard of it, and got to 'see' a bit of it back in the 80s... NOT pretty...

  4. hey Irish,
    Thanks for the link....I figured it was the muslim enclaves in the major cities...

  5. Thanks to all for stopping by. I too had heard of this, but didn't know it was this extensive. I've got a friend that from the mid-west that has relative in Alsace-Loraine. He is a big WWI buff/re-enactor and he told me after visiting several WWI battlefields in the mid-nineties that it was amazing what was still visible. He told me of seeing huge "mountains" of barbed wire throughout the countryside. Jeffery in Alabama


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