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Saturday, December 13, 2014

A Response To "Should You Believe What They Tell You or What You See? "

 I linked this article in a previous post


My blog friend Leigh offers his thoughts:

Sometimes, I shouldn't drink and ponder the woes of our country....at a keyboard. :-\
Well; life was a lot simpler when I thought I knew, what I knew. Commies were the bad guys, and my government was only interested in my happiness and well being. As I got older, I began to analyze things more – cast a more critical eye upon the world around me. Things started to make less sense. Social workers instructing people how to game the system. Laws aimed at the “criminal element”, then realizing that in the vague wordings of the law made me the criminal. A justice system that protected the powerful, and the famous; yet hunted the ordinary man for the least infraction. Onerous taxes levied against those who worked the hardest for their living, by an agency that ultimately has no actual legal standing to impose such tariffs. Police went from being Andy Griffith, to Judge Dredd in the span of two decades; serve and protect got replaced by revenue bounty-hunters. Politicians now just outright lie to your face, then dare you to try to do something about it – sorry, it wasn't a lie...it just depends on what your definition of “IS”, is.
Ignorance truly is bliss, because I wouldn't be so pissed off and dejected at the sorry state of affairs that is consuming the world.

I never was a trend follower, so the trappings of popular culture never really got their claws into me. More or less, being a loner all my life ( my definition of loner, is someone who doesn't require approval of the masses to validate their self worth), I never felt the urge to tell the whole world my every action. Therefore the influences of “social” media were never really a factor in my life. Besides, I've always had a built in bullshit detector. After learning how to pay attention to it, I began to realize when I was being steered.
When I am being spoon fed a narrative, the alarms start going off.

You want something to point at? Especially in the education system? How about some of the classic pieces of literature that aren't covered anymore – or out-right banned?
Fahrenheit 451...
Animal Farm....
Huck Finn....
Atlas Shrugged.....
They don't cover these works anymore, because they cast the events of today in the light they were intended. TPTB can't have the Prole's figuring out that what is happening is not only wrong, it is in many instances evil at its very core. So they jam a standardized curriculum down everyones throat, and that standard is mediocrity. No one is allowed to be better than anyone else. Lest some tender flower get their feelings hurt. Social justice for all. Excellence be damned.
Carlin was right, they only want people smart enough to run the machines but not so smart that they realize what is happening around them.

I was heart broken on 9/11.....but I really wonder what exactly happened that day. I don't consider myself a truther, but I also can't swallow everything that I have been told either. The first red flag for me, was the sudden appearance of the PATRIOT Act. A four inch thick document just miraculously appears overnight? Yeah, I doubt it. Then the reports start coming out about domestic surveillance, and how anyone who doesn't subscribe to the party line is a terrorist. The exponential ratcheting up of the militarized police state, illegal searches, Constitutional violations, no accountability..... The recent laws passed to supposedly reign in the warrantless collection of data, got amended to make it just the opposite. Instead, it made all communications essentially the property of the government – so it isn't illegal for them to collect and sift through them now. One lawyer that analyzed the law commented that it was so vague that ANYTHING that MIGHT be construed as Communication falls under the jurisdiction of the alphabet soup agencies – no warrant required, whether it be in your phone, computer, et al.....
When you look around and the barbed-wire and guards are all facing in, you realize it isn't there for your protection

When I look around ZeroHedge, and see how badly the markets are manipulated EVERY DAY, it really makes you wonder if they think we are that stupid. Each bubble in the market gets propped up by the next one, and so on, and so on.
(LOOK, a squirrel! Pay no attention to the T-Rex!)
Then the news tells you how great the employment numbers are. In the next breath says labor participation rates are the lowest they have been since the Depression. If the rate is only 63%, then it stands to reason that the Unemployment rate is closer to 40% than 6%.
At this point there are 1.4 moochers and looters for every producer. How much further does it have to slide before it collapses, because there aren't enough people for the State to bleed dry?
But that is another benefit for the State, no one questions the numbers, 'cause maaf is hard! So hard in fact, that we have to spend more money than we take in, to keep the economy solvent...... WHAT?!?!?! You have got to be f'kin shitting me! No sense being fiscally responsible, just whip out the ole Gov't credit card and roll up another Trillion of debt from our enemies. What the hell, right? What could possibly go wrong? We'll just print another couple ton of Monopoly Money, out of thin air, and pay it all off.
Which makes you wonder – at what point do Zimbabwe Bucks out-value our own?

I know you asked for my take, and I'm afraid what you got was a rant , parallel to an article I almost wholly agree with.
I do disagree with his assessment of the Ebola outbreak, I believe it is dangerously under-reported and far worse than they want us to believe.
The use of constant fear mongering is straight out of 1984; but the 15 minute hate, is in fact, constant. People are afraid. They are angry. We are purposely being divided to keep us weak.
Money is hedging its bets with tangible goods – gold, silver, land, etc. So far 36 (more?) prominent bankers have met with violent ends, in just this year alone – for what reason, and to what end?

The fed asking for bids for “Survival kits for bankers” ......
The unrelenting appetite of the fed for all manner of ammunition and weapons......
The fed buying up “survival food”.......
The pre-positioning of vehicles and equipment to every corner of the country.......
The signing of un-Constitutional treaties with the UN.......
The fed doing trial runs shutting down cell transmissions and internet sites......
What is being prepared for?

Somebody, somewhere, thinks they've got it all figured out. That all they have to do is push that first domino, and all the others they so carefully placed will perfectly fall in line.
The problem with a perfect plan is: no plan is perfect.
What's the old saying?
“The best laid plans of mice and men.....”
Well; of mice, anyway.....

I liken it to a fat, spoiled, arrogant little kid sitting in a puddle of gas, playing with a lighter. Nothing could ever go wrong.
Then it does.

Something bad is going to happen. I'm afraid it could be soon. The cusp of the next Dark Age, if you will. When it starts, it is going to spin out of control and consume everything in its path. I don't care how well people think they are prepared, they're not.
It'd be nice to think it would end up as a total reset of the Republic, but I sincerely doubt it.


  1. Wow.
    If I had a half bottle of scotch and woke up the next morning with that on my computer, I would naturally assume that I had written it.
    It expresses everything I think and feel exactly!
    I wonder how many of us there are?

    1. Hi Timbo. There's probably more than you know BUT not enough to make a difference.

    2. YET. But more folks wake up every day.
      Jesse in DC

  2. One here for sure. Especially after reading what good ole PUTIN is up to with wanting gold for payment instead of the Petro dollar.

  3. Excellent reasoning like this is why they want control of information on the internet and other forms of communication. If one person has the opportunity to change the thinking of one other person and that person changes another......
    Our history is being wiped out. Parents dump their kids in schools and forget about them Only the bad is being taught in a twisted fashion. Kids have no heroes to look up to - just drug infested athletes and entertainers. Morality isn't taught nor learned anymore.
    There will be an uprising and maybe the military will wake up on our side. Is that the solution? I don't know. Do you?

  4. Excellent disturbing reads by both authors. I have for years thought 1984 got here in the early 1990s. I don't know what the solution is besides all out armed revolution by the American people. I grew up in the 1950s so I have seen many an awful change to America and the world. I served my Country in Vietnam and on my return is when I first realized democrats are evil. I believe in God, the sanctity of life, the Ten Commandments, that marriage is between a man and a woman, Our Constitution, the greatness of America, Our Flag and Capitalism, all things that the government and the media now laugh at or condemn. I am in the winter of my life and I am glad I won't be here to see the end of America but I do feel so very sorry for my grandkids and their kids. Lucifer is alive and well and his plan is coming along right on schedule. May God continue to bless America and more importantly may we continue to Bless God.

  5. Replies
    1. Kenny, a most Happy God's day to ya friend, hope the family is well.


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