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Thursday, November 6, 2014

This video is designed to bring you the closest you can get without actually being behind the controls of the mighty Warthog

Watch It Full Screen....

I saw this over at WHATBUBBAKNOWS


  1. There is nothing like one of these coming in on a "close air support" mission. They come in at tree top level {literally} and strafe the area. The only thing you hear is a distant whine and boom they are on top of you with their cannons going. Amazing shit!

  2. Incredible flyimg!
    Those low elevation tight turns are insane!

  3. The A10 Warthog is a plane perfectly suited for its close air support role. There is nothing that comes close to what it can do.

  4. I thought the view seemed familiar. As a young Airman, I worked on the manned gunnery ranges at Gila Bend AFAF, AZ from 1979-1981. Our range served fighters from Luke AFM, Williams AFB, Davis-Montham AFB, and once in a while an FB-111 from Canon AFB, NM. As the flight made their approach for landing, you catch a glimpse of the bazillion planes stored adjacent to D-M. Those same planes on the video were probably flying missions on my range in the way-back. They are tough old birds.

    This video was recorded at the very same range (#2) that I was assigned to then. Enjoy!



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